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TelepsychAI 1.2 - A collaborative platform tailor made for therapy

For Clients

  • Directly contact matched psychologists and send details to set up an appointment
  • Only get matched with AHPRA verified mental health practitioners
  • Improved recommendation algorithm
  • Streamlined mental health care forms: easy, time-saving, and stress-free - Users can upload and complete a mental health care form on the platform, which is stored in their profile along with personal details. This saves time in future sessions and can be shared with other psychologists.
  • Effortless mental health tracking with dashboard feature: Our dashboard feature allows users to easily keep track of their mental health progress. Users can view notes and action items from past and upcoming sessions, mark items as complete, and upload completed worksheets. This feature empowers users to take control of their mental health journey and feel confident in their progress.
  • Collaborative note-taking and action items for personalized mental health care: The platform allows users to take their own notes and write down action items that both they and their psychologist can see. This feature enables users to actively participate in their mental health care and collaborate with their psychologist to create a personalized treatment plan.
  • Get better therapy sessions from psychologists using the platform which would enable them to analyze patients by using latest Machine learning technology

For Psychologists

Here at TelepsychAI we are passionate about making therapy a collaborative process. If you have any suggestions or problems that you would like us to find solutions to, please contact us at
- Founder, Prabhav Mehra